In 1983, was born the desire to give Rouen desire to reclaim the waterfront. It was then that the idea of ​​a high concentration of sailboats and made ​​his way in 1985, an association "Les Voiles de la Liberté" is created. Various events are then organized, the most famous remains the "Race of Liberty New York Rouen" in 1986, racing giant multihulls. To popular success, the Mayor of Rouen, was conquered by the idea of ​​the large gathering of sailboats and proposes to organize the Armada, bringing together the finest and largest yachts in the world. This is the challenge and made ​​the choice to offer visitors free access to the site and the possibility of boarding buildings clustered along 7 km of quays. has undoubtedly made ​​this event the following editions and exceptional events. Since these gatherings helped to inspire adventures and distant voyages millions of people, to bring nationalities and connect with thousands of French sailors and foreigners. In 2013, the Armada of freedom will celebrate its 25th anniversary and its 6th edition, will take place from 6 to 16 June 2013. Millions of visitors enjoy concerts, fireworks and great many events and visit the free fifty ships present. The finest and largest ships, warships most modern boats and other exception from around the world ascend the Seine 120 km. through the beautiful landscapes of Normandy.