Oruro hosts a color combination, bizarre masks, music, dance and fireworks at Oruro Carnival of the Devil who is bound to leave you wide-eyed. The costumes are phenomenal show host and llama herders to Amazonian Indians wearing feathers. The devil dancers come from a particular species of devil worship. Oruro is a mining town and the people who spend too much time indoors, have decided to adopt a god of the underworld - Satan or Supay. They regularly perform sacrifices to the devil in order to ensure their safety in the mines. These days, the carnival parade focuses more on the patron saint of mining, the Virgen del Sovacón and Pachamama - Mother Earth - even if the demons are always the key. Supay and his wife Supay China are closely followed by a multitude of demons and devils. There are also figures of animals such as bears ferocious, graceful condors and pumas. The carnival ends on Monday, Día del diablo y del moreno. Revelers gather on the village square to exchange thunder water bombs. During the ceremony Ch'alla, liquids alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are ceremoniously poured on the ground, turning to Mother Nature where it comes from.