Located on the mountain Paggaio, 35 km from Kavala, you will find the impressive monastery of Panagia Ikosifoinissa, which was built by Saint Germain in the 4th century AD. You will come across the monastery of Agios Silas and the archaeological site of Filippo and the Baptistery of St. Lydia, the first Christian who was baptized by the apostle Paul in Europe. A Filippo, you will also see the impressive Basilica and the octagonal church where Paul is believed to have been imprisoned. A Palaiochori in the village Vranokastro impressive, you'll see the remains of the monastery of Aghios Georgios Diasoritis. The church of Agios Georgios in Kavala, where the shrine of the saint is preserved, which attracts many believers. Finally, the relics of Aghios Gregorios are kept in a larnax in the church of Nea Karvali village, which is a major attraction for pilgrims.