Guatemalan Indians in their colorful costumes come from the highlands west of Guatemala City, to enjoy the music, dance and extravagant performances at the Festival of Saint Thomas in Chichicastenango. Women wear the traditional huipil huipil colorful, made with natural dyes. Masked and costumed dancers of the baile conquista, a combination of satire on the Carnival Conquest of America, transforms "Chichi" in a rainbow of colors. Images of the patron saint through the streets, incense out of the church and you throw firecrackers, rockets, drums and fanfares. Do not miss the special Maypole, where participants begin wrapped in rope from the top of the pole and unravel slowly turning in circles. The church of Santo Tomás, facing the market is the focus of the festival. When you enter, do not use the side doors: considered disrespectful. An overview of the interior of the church reveals a mixture of Catholic and Native American culture, particularly evident in the religious celebrations of the festival.