The winter solstice in the southern hemisphere and the local harvests are the driving force of the largest and most majestic pre-Hispanic ceremonies to honor the sun. Today, the Inti Raymi festival evokes the splendid Inca ritual of yore, carefully scripted by Cusco professors, archaeologists and historians. The central event is played on the esplanade of the imposing fortress of Sacsayhuaman, easily accessible by car or on foot. There, step by step, thousands of players in a long ceremony, give thanks to the sun god, Inti. Then all the participants leave for the ceremony of the sacrifice of two llamas. one black and one white. The bowels of llamas and fats are awarded to two high priests: the first Ricuy Callpa, examines the intestine and predicted the coming years, while the second priest, Wupariruj, made ​​his predictions based on the smoke that wafts fat to the combustion. The predictions of the high priests are then interpreted by Umo Willac, the priest who is new to the Inca. Finally, at sunset, the Inca's orders are given and everyone withdraws from the site, and the entire city erupted in celebrations that last several days.