Fjallnas Reserve

Suède / Tänndalen / Jämtlands län

Fjällnäs is the oldest mountain hotel in Sweden, it is a unique sanctuary where you can experience continuous dramatic changes of nature. We live with this unspoilt wilderness on our doorstep during eight totally different seasons. The air is pure and when you want, you can quench your thirst with water from the mountain lake. When the first visitors arrived Fjallnas there are more than 130 years, they were attracted by the pure and intact beautée places; and this is still the case today. The quality cuisine is based on ingredients of the local flora and fauna are transformed with love into culinary works of art, true delicacies inspired by the rich culture and history of the region. Each menu changes the rhythm of nature, with breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared in a relaxed setting beside the waters of Lake Malmagen.