Tiger Rock Pangkor

Malaisie / Pangkor Island, Perak / Perak

Tiger Rock is about low impact, sustainable tourism which includes participation of the local Pangkor Island community, preserving the natural environment and cultural way of life as well as ensuring mutual respect and benefits to all parties involved. This commitment is reflected in every aspect of Tiger Rock, from the way it is designed and built, to how it is managed by local islanders. Being in the jungle throws you back into the arms of nature. It is relaxing, inspiring and makes you realise just how much we are cut off from the natural world in today's big cities and busy urban life. This is much more a 'Robinson Crusoe' place than a luxury resort and this is not for everyone. The jungle can take you out of your comfort zone so be prepared to get used to the sounds at night and getting a bit sweaty when you walk between houses. It is after all, Malaysia! Tiger Rock is very much inspired by the homes and life in Malaysia. Mohan, your wonderful host and his wife, Bavanni are well respected members of this island community and you will have all the privileges that go along with this, allowing you access to people, temples, events on the the island, that you would otherwise miss. Very much a local destination, Pangkor has an established population of about 20,000 people, made up of all the races and cultures of Malaysia. Essentially it is, Malaysia in a nutshell. Pangkor's history goes back a long way and you can see this first hand when you walk down to the Dutch fort which marks the entrance to Tiger Rock. There is a thriving island economy with the ferries plying back and forth between the island and the mainland bringing in goods and people going to work, and of course, children and students using the ferry as their 'bus' to school on the mainland.