San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge

Italie / Dolomites / Trentino-Alto Adige / Provincia autonoma di Bolzano

Nestled in the virgin forests of the Val Pusteria, San Lorenzo Mountain Lodge offers its guests a unique and striking from the world. Once an elegant hunting lodge for the local nobility, this private retreat in an area of ​​42 hectares of woods and meadows at an altitude of 1200 meters, will delight even the most demanding customers with its magic and elegance. The rustic cottage of the 16th century owes its charm to the perfect combination of rural traditions and aesthetic aspirations of his former aristocratic owners. The carved door welcomes visitors with its promise of a haven of comfort and safety. The high vaulted ceiling of the entrance sets the tone for the entire lodge, a nice counterpoint to the welcoming atmosphere and comfortable luxury hotel with a predominantly wooden interior. The carefully restored atmosphere exudes natural warmth and elegance of a house inhabited fresh. You will immediately feel welcome, relaxed and at home. Every detail reflects the style of the owners and the jurisdiction of the design. The valuable antiques have been carefully preserved or restored faithfully, modern objects carefully installed with a perfect sense of balance and harmony. The elegance of exclusive textiles and pure beauty furniture combine with the austerity of natural materials to create a relaxing atmosphere. Thanks to the care and love of Giorgia and Stefano owners who have breathed new life into the old cottage, the rooms offer calm authentic sought by international travelers. Whether it is the traditional alpine sauna, kitchen, rest areas or four bedrooms individually furnished, Giorgia and Stefano take good care of you when you want. The guardians of this treasure have created a magical place, a world away from the world, where time and space dominate the scene.