Sol y Luna Lodge & Spa

Pérou / Urubamba - Cusco / Cuzco / Province d'Urubamba

SOL & LUNA LODGE SPA has been built with the warmth of its people, the sun of the Incas and the energy that is inside of this land and in the hearts of its creators, Franz and Petit who personally have led this effort for more than 14 years at the Sacred Valley of the Incas. The Sacred Valley is a wonderful destination, little known, which always surprises with its good wheatear and a convenient elevation that serves as a step to the heights of Cusco and it is located near the most important archaeological sites such as Pisac, Ollantaytambo, and Machu Picchu. Their different scenarios and ancient culture which is still alive in the Andes has inspired the spirit of SOL & LUNA, everyone of their proposals binds us to this stunning place, making each stay a unique experience that is composed of exquisite details, unique spaces where luxury is defined by the understated elegance against the ostentatious nature that surrounds us. This proposal was developed over a cult for quality, respect for the environment, and the attention to every detail; every casita, every corner, has been worked as one of the  pieces of folk art  that shines in their wall paintings, in their colorful sculptures, and other pieces that have been worked by famous artists such as Federico Bauer or Jaime Lievana and make our imaginations wander among the pomp of the colonial time that inspires, and sophisticated contemporary reality that expresses today with a cheerful effect. Little houses built with adobe, wood and artisanal tiles rose one by one, in harmony with the surrounding nature and garden.  Their interiors were designed to spoil our guests with warm, cozy rooms, enormous beds covered with the finest Peruvian cotton and goose feather duvets and spacious bathrooms gleaming with the elegance of marble.  Our private terraces invited the contemplation of our green garden full of flowers, and home to more than 35 species of local birds. This splendid setting full of Peruvian character is framing the most exclusive services reserved for our guests: from an exquisite menu inspired and prepared with local goods of each season by Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, one of the most renowned Peruvian chefs; an extensive collection of wines saved at our cellar with bottles from all strains of the most extraordinary blends that come from all over the world; to the indulgent spa treatments surrounded by the mountains; and through our vast and colorful garden that  gives us delicate massage therapy to pamper our bodies. With the same spirit, at SOL & LUNA we share with our guests the most amazing corners of the valley where we bring in our Peruvian Paso horses known as the best saddle horses in the world for its docility and smooth ride. We take you to the most amazing places in our ATVs, We invite you to enjoy the speed of our mountain bikes, row on a lake as blue as the sky, or reach heaven flying with the wind. All these emotions we live them with passion and are a privilege that we share with our guests.