Langdon Hall

Canada / Cambridge / Ontario / Waterloo Regional Municipality

Epicurean and romantic are the best words to describe Langdon Hall. Romantic with its gracious interiors of warm tones, silky fabrics and wood paneling detail, its tranquil grounds and gardens where one can sit under a century old Elm tree sipping fine wine or relax by the lily pond reflecting the elegant lines of the manor. And epicurean with its exceptional cuisine. In the kitchen every detail counts for young chef Jonathan Gushue who even makes his own butter and as a result- each meal is an unforgettable moment. As a devotee of French cuisine his favourite ingredients include truffles, foie gras, frogs legs, snails and artisanal cheeses all of which he turns into sophisticated compositions that match the elegance of the setting. For added relaxation the spa offers the very best in body and beauty therapies. Just an hour and a half drive from Toronto and the Niagara area, this is the address for those who love beauty.