Emerald Lake Lodge

Canada / Field / British Columbia / Columbia-Shuswap

Travelers yesterday were adventurers in search of the extraordinary and that is exactly what they found when they arrived by rail and carriage on the shores of Emerald Lake in British Columbia, located the heart of what is known today as the Yoho National Park. Legendary guide Tom Wilson first came across this little gem of lake famous for its jade colored waters in 1882 during construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Today, the region remains one of the most remarkable of North America. Built of wood and hand carved with massive stone fireplaces, the lodge includes an elegant dining room, quiet rooms, a reading room, a conference room and a playroom. Our living room has an oak bar recovered from a square of the Yukon. Upper and lower verandas, the prospects of the surrounding mountain landscapes are breathtaking. Few destinations in Canada offer this unique combination of luxury and feeling of being attached to nature. You want a true mountain retreat from the world?