Straits Collection

Malaisie / Penang / Pulau Pinang

Straits Collection is an eclectic mix of retail, restaurants and residences located in the center of Georgetown, Penang central area of ​​heritage site by UNESCO. Four residences in more than one shop, an art gallery above the studio called and a small cafe called Little Kopi are all located at the beginning of Heritage Road, on Armenian Street. On Beach Street, is a compound traditional ChinaHouse again converted into shops, cafes, restaurants, galleries and theaters. All accommodation is designed to complement each other to provide an experience for customers. But all offer the sights, sounds and smells of life downtown. The fun, color and excitement are all there, with the living heritage at every corner. The staff is willing to visit the premises to guests through the homes (unoccupied) and which are the pride of their heritage. The four houses-shops date back to about 1850. They are simple in style, both externally and internally, and have an excellent location. Armenian Street is at the beginning of the trail of heritage in the historic Georgetown, and has an impressive list of mosques, temples and clan houses in the neighborhood.