Reserva do Ibitipoca

Brésil / Lima Duarte / Minas Gerais / Lima Duarte

The Ibitipoca Reserve started in 1981 with the purchase of the Fazenda do Engenho (Engenho’s Farm), one of the oldest of the region and in which now houses the Lodge Reserve. Later, other lands were acquired; most of them were abandoned or used for grazing in the vicinity of the Ibitipoca state Park. The aim of the Reserve is the reforestation of native flora species and the formation of wildlife corridors, which means gathering fragments of forests with reforestation, providing larger spaces and better conditions for the reproduction of wild animals. Besides the commitment to reforestation, since 2006, the Reserve has an ongoing project for the reintroduction of wild animals that were seen in the region and that are extinct nowadays. Presently, the Reserve is composed of more than 50 properties, and of those, only 4 of them used to have residents who, by choice, moved to cities with better health and educational infrastructures for their children. Today, the Reserve totalizes more than 3.000 hectares (approximately 90% are from preserved area), embracing three counties: Lima Duarte, Bias Fortes and Santa Rita do Ibitipoca.