Isla Victoria Lodge

Argentine / Bariloche / Neuquén / Los Lagos

The journey begins at Tunquelen port. This is the first contact the traveler has with the mysterious and impressive Lake Nahuel Huapi. The lake leads us to the island and stays with us at all times. Lake Nahuel Huapi represents at all times, the borderline between the immediate past full of schedules and commitments and the present time. The present is the only thing that matters, while the boat enters Anchorena Bay time stops flowing and the island and its future take hold of the situation. When arriving to the private pier at Playa del Toro, the lodge built at the top of a cliff becomes the center of attention. Once in land, the island makes you feel the urge to go up and meet the lodge, to enter through its wide front desk, visit its spacious living-rooms and go out onto the amazing terrace. On the terrace, you already feel the trip is worthy of doing. The terrace framework is, undoubtedly, a miracle of the Patagonia imagery. This is as far as I can get with my tale. You are the ones that have to make the decision to leave the world, to get into an island where quietness and rest are guaranteed. By using the foundations of the previous construction and respecting central guidelines, building elements from the region were used, adding high quality spaces with an unaffected refinement for our guests delight. Thus, 20 rooms and 2 suites were built; all of them being spacious, comfortable and full of light, with a view to the amazing landscapes of the forest and the Andes Mountains. Rooms do not have telephones, TV, or any other electrical device. It is not that we forgot, but it is just to help you, silence is heard on the island.