Malaisie / Langkawi / Kedah

Brown edged in glittering turquoise, the Silolona is a dream of warm wood in a sea of postcard. Built by the last families of the community Konjo carpenter on the island of Sulawesi. Safe, spacious and comfortable, the boat is 47 m. and can carry up to 10 passengers. Like all traditional boats in the archipelago: the "Phinisi" it popular with seven sails. Inside, large areas and difficult world, with objects and fabrics gleaned throughout Indonesia. Each cabin is unique. On deck, the passengers waiting for the head with a kitchen that combines Eastern and Mediterranean flavors. The Silolona travels gently islands, ports of call after another: Komodo, Flores, Sumba, Rinca ... The cruise is more than a journey, and when night comes, the crew leaves the uniform to sing serenades to the stars. Every evening in his cabin, we find a small gift that reminds you of the day: a lizard, a votive statuette, .. The trip ended too quickly! The Silolona leaves you knowing that you will return.