East Crete

From Heraklion to Sitia

East Crete

Price from : 1000 €
Ideal duration : 9 days –
8 nights

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Welcome to Greece, the cradle of our European civilization, a perfect blend of historical heritage, gentle lifestyle and impressive landscapes. Imagine discovering the country’s largest island, Crete. With centuries of Venetian and Ottoman influences and a magnificent natural heritage, Crete is sure to satisfy your desire for adventure and discovery. Ride to the island’s most impressive sites, staying in quiet, peaceful places, always in the most strategic locations for you to discover the most wonders. Criss-cross the plains and mountains of the Cretan region, still the most authentic and protected from tourists. Give yourself the opportunity to encounter the true traditions and customs of the original Crete in the island’s most beautiful villages, in a region whose landscapes are sometimes lunar, sometimes verdant.


You'll love...

  • Taking an unusual route
  • Discover another facet of the island, wild and natural
  • The diversity of landscapes and stages
  • Cretan specialities
  • Accommodation in harmony with nature

Day 1: Heraklion

Land at Heraklion airport and visit the city on your first day in Crete. Surrounded by Venetian ramparts, Heraklion, the capital of Crete, is a bustling port city. Don’t miss its archaeological museum, the richest on the island. In the evening, the city center wakes up. Take a stroll through its narrow streets, and don’t hesitate to sit down in one of its charming squares for a dinner of Greek specialities, to get you off to a great start!

Day 2: Knossos

Just a quarter of an hour’s drive from Heraklion, head for the island’s most visited site, and with good reason. Knossos is a major archaeological site bearing witness to the grandeur of Minoan civilization. Built from 1700 BC onwards, the palace with its beautiful frescoes is a maze of alleys with countless intertwined rooms. It was discovered at the end of the 19th century and is associated with the legend of King Minos. According to mythology, this is the famous labyrinth where the Minotaur was trapped! Take your time to discover this perfectly preserved ancient marvel before heading off to your next stop, Spinalonga, an hour away.

Day 3: Spinalonga Island

Stay right on the coast, in a villa offering spectacular views of the island of Spinalonga. In a chic yet traditional setting, in a house with wooded decor and whitewashed walls with local gray stone, you’ll even have your own private infinity pool. Take a day trip to the small island, a former Venetian fortress protecting the entrance to the bay, besieged by the Ottomans in the 18th century. Docked on the island, you can stroll through the ruins of the village, the fort, the leper hospital and the church.

Day 4: Agios Nikolaos

Start your descent to the southeastern tip of the island today. First stop, half an hour away, Agios Nikolaos, administrative capital of the Lassithi region. Stroll around its pretty fishing port or relax on one of its beautiful beaches. Follow the seafront promenade until you reach Lake Voulismeni, the area’s main attraction. And don’t miss the Cretan Folk Art Museum. In the evening, settle into a comfortable apartment overlooking Mirabello Bay. A special feature of the establishment hosting you this evening is that it is the first hotel in Greece to use exclusively renewable energy sources, with a concern for the environment and the future of sustainable tourism.

Day 5: Latho and Krista

Today, just a few minutes from your accommodation and Agios Nikolaos, visit the ancient city of Latho and the small hilltop village of Krista. As well as being a rich historical site, Latho offers breathtaking views over Mirabello Bay. As for the village of Kritsa, one of the most beautiful Cretan villages, it and its inhabitants have managed to remain authentic and preserve the island’s customs. It is considered one of the most important centers of Cretan folk art and weaving. You can also visit the church of Panagia Kera, famous for its well-preserved Byzantine frescoes.

Day 6: Richtis gorge and waterfall

Back on the road today to reach the Richtis Gorge. Embark on the hour-and-a-half-long shady walk that takes you to the beautiful waterfalls. You can even go for a swim! Then head for the easternmost point of your road trip, the town of Sitia.

Day 7: Sitia

Sitia is one of the country’s wildest regions. For many, it’s the most beautiful on the island, the rawest and most bewitching, but also, because it’s less accessible, the least altered by mass tourism. The town is very pleasant, with its small, lively center, its long waterfront, its inevitable Venetian fortress and its archaeological museum. The Sitia region is also known for its olive oil production and local white and red wines. Enjoy the region’s gentle way of life, far from the overwhelming crowds of tourists.

Day 8: Psychro cave

Today, we return to the center of the island, and in particular to the heart of the Lassithi plateau at 800 meters altitude, dotted with small villages. Stroll through its picturesque villages until you reach the gates of the cave, a place of mythology. It is said that Zeus, hidden by his mother Rhea from the appetites of Chronos, spent his childhood here, fed by the nymph-goat Amalthea!

Day 9: Return to Heraklion

Today, return to Heraklion to close the loop and fly back to France.

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From €1,000/person (based on 2 people)

This price includes: Paris-Heraklion outbound flight, airport taxes and fuel surcharges, one piece of hand luggage per person, rental of a Fiat 500L or similar mid-size car for the duration of the trip, 8 nights in a double room in charming accommodation.

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