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The following provisions set out the terms and conditions governing the www.globesecret.com reservation site owned by the SAS Globe Secret.


Globe Secret SAS is a company duly established in France, registered in the Commercial Register under number N° 52763872000013, IATA TIDS N° 96102296, Travel Agent Licence N° IM075100403, VAT number FR41527638720). SAS Globe Secret offices are located at : 8 square de la tour Maubourg 75007 Paris.

Our website www.globesecret.com provides useful information, updated and easily accessible for boutique hotels worldwide. It also facilitates on-line booking of hotels of this type ("Our Services"). We recommend that you carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of sale and before using Our Services. By accessing and using Our Services, you agree to legally comply with these terms and conditions and possible modifications to which they are subject periodically. We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time and such changes will take effect once published on the website. We act as an intermediary between users of our website and hoteliers. That is why we are not and are not trying to be contractually committed to your booking. When you use our services, the contract is directly between you and the hotel.

The information contained on our website are provided and updated periodically by the hotels and we make every effort to ensure accurate information. We can not guarantee the accuracy or completeness thereof, nor that access to our site will be uninterrupted or error free. The general conditions of sale are expressed in several languages, but in case of dispute, only the French text serves as a reference.


Prices stated on our website have been negotiated with hotels in different seasons. They may differ from published prices for hotels. Therefore, you must accept the possibility that prices vary at time of booking.

Once the reservation is confirmed by the hotel concerned and after confirmation of the validity and accuracy of your credit card for payment, you will be irrevocably linked to your booking by clicking on the button "Confirm Reservation" section of our site . We will send you confirmation of your reservation by e-mail to the address you gave us, so we urge you to ensure the validity of the latter. You will receive this confirmation within 4 business hours after your reservation request. If your booking is not accepted, we will propose to the extent possible, a comparable alternative course that you can accept or decline.

The currency in which prices are displayed depends on the geographical location of your connection to our site, but you can always select a different display currency prices of the hotels. However, these prices converted into different currencies arise from several sources, conversion rates using spot daily, and are used only as a guide. The exchange rates used by Globe Secret SAS are deemed to be correct but their accuracy is in no way guaranteed by third parties providing us with these rates. The only real price authentic and accurate on our Website are those expressed in local currency hotels concerned and, where applicable, the currency in which a deposit is charged to your credit card.

The confirmation sent by e-mail is proof of the validity of your booking. It contains all information concerning it and the specifics of the hotel concerned. Please read carefully and verify all information contained in our e-mail confirmation to make sure they conform to your booking. You must present this confirmation e-mail when you arrive at the hotel.

When you make a reservation on the Website of Globe Secret in a hotel member of a loyalty program of a hotel group, Globe Secret SAS does not guarantee that you will receive miles or points from this Group, nor guarantees the possibility to claim them as a result of your stay. Also, when you use our site to make a reservation at a hotel member of a group, you can not use points or miles you have under the loyalty program of the Group.


When making a booking on our website, you must send us information about your credit card as its number and expiration date.

For some of the hotels offered on our Website, the payment of a deposit is required to confirm your reservation, under terms negotiated with these hotels.This will be clearly explained and detailed on our website during your booking process before you click the button "Confirm your reservation. Once your reservation is confirmed, a deposit clearly specified during the booking process is taken directly from your credit card.

This deposit will be charged, as it will appear on your credit card statement. If your reservation is not confirmed, no amount will be charged on your credit card. We accept payment cards such as VISA, Eurocard / MasterCard, American Express. In no event shall Globe Secret SAS can not be held responsible for any commissions exchange charges carried by your bank. The balance of the / room (s) of reserved hotel (s) and all other costs arising out of your stay must be paid when you leave the hotel in local currency. If your reservation is confirmed, the bank card details will be communicated securely to the hotel so that it can make a request to authorize or charge in accordance with the booking conditions listed on our site. Finally, in case of non-refundable fares, please note that your credit card will be charged at time of booking by the hotel for the price of your booking.

For other hotels offered on our Site, and under conditions negotiated with the hotels, no deposit is required, and the total amount of your reservation will be charged by the hotel in its local currency. This will be clearly explained and detailed on our website during your booking process before you click the button "Confirm your reservation. The total amount / room (s) of reserved hotel (s) and any additional cost possible while staying at the hotel must be paid in local currency at the hotel when you leave the hotel. In no event shall Globe Secret can not be held responsible for any commissions exchange charges carried by your bank. If your reservation is confirmed, the bank card details will be communicated securely to the hotel so that it can make a request to authorize or charge in accordance with the booking conditions listed on our site. Finally, in case of non-refundable fares, please note that your credit card will be charged at time of booking by the hotel in its local currency for the full price of your booking.

Please note that by booking through our Site, you authorize us, irrevocably and unconditionally submit data to your credit card at the hotel you have selected.


Each hotel has its own cancellation policy in case of confirmed reservation. We therefore recommend that you carefully read these displayed on our site before proceeding with booking. Once your reservation is confirmed, you will be irrevocably linked to the cancellation policy. In case of cancellation, we advise you to directly contact us or the hotel concerned as soon as possible to minimize the penalties and fees that will be charged.

Upon cancellation of a booking the deposit, if you have been asked to pay one, you are fully refunded but additional fees may be retained as it is clearly stated during the booking process before click on "Confirm Reservation" of Our Website. However, when applied to a cancellation fee, and that in accordance with the terms and conditions of the existing hotel when booking the hotel will charge your credit card directly on the amount of cancellation fees owed.

However, the foregoing shall in no case in which charges non-refundable for any cancellations or refunds can be made.

Any dispute arising from the cancellation of a booking must be processed and settled directly between you and the hotel concerned. We can in no way be involved or responsible, except as regards the repayment of the deposit, where applicable, the transmission of information required to calculate penalties and information on your credit card the hotel concerned. You can not under any circumstances make a claim against us in relation to penalties and fees charged by the hotel to cancel your reservation, and if you need to request reimbursement, dealing directly with the hotel establishment concerned .


We have adopted the SSL encryption to secure and optimally protect data on your credit card. However, when transmitting data, we can not be held liable for losses or interruptions of service resulting from an error on your part. If you use our services via a computer that does not belong to you, be sure to disconnect from our site.


To protect your information, our privacy statement explains what are for the data you have provided. By using our services, you have read and agree to be bound by the terms of our privacy policy.


By using our services, you agree to abide by the laws, statutes and regulations regarding the use of our website and therefore we will not be held responsible for any failure to comply with them.

We play only an intermediary between you and the hotel, so we have no control over the quality of services offered or fees charged by the hotel. We therefore can not be held responsible for any disputes arising between you and the hotel in relation to costs, quality of services, facilities or other. The contract is between you and the hotel concerned and therefore, any claim or claims must be made directly to the hotel. When you leave, we will ask you to please complete our questionnaire to express your comments about the hotel concerned and our services in the future in order improve our services. It is also your responsibility to obtain a valid visa (if necessary) and be in good standing with all the medical and customs of the destination.

Without interfering with what was mentioned above, in the event we, or hotels are led on the order of the court or competent jurisdiction to have to pay damages, then you must accept that the amount of such damages shall in no case exceed the amount paid for your reservation at the hotel, or 1000 Euros.

However, these terms and conditions are in no way intended to limit your rights as a consumer subject to applicable law nor to exclude or limit the liability of the hotel concerned, in case of death or injury resulting from negligence.


The contents of this website and any booking made through our services are governed by the laws in force in France. These terms and conditions and any dispute, controversy, proceedings or claim of any nature whatsoever, are also governed by the laws of France. Any dispute or difference arising out of or in connection with Our Services and / or terms and conditions of the site must be submitted to: Customer Service Globe Secret : 8 square de la tour Maubourg 75007 Paris.



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    Globe Secret is distinguished by the originality of its selection of boutique hotels. These some 1 500 addresses around the globe have in common intimacy (maximum 30 rooms) and a protected environment. Unclassifiable, these addresses are embedded in the culture of their country, claiming an authenticity and a personal welcome.



    You will find on the site of Globe Secret over 1500 unique addresses and carefully selected accommodation. Unclassifiable, these accommodations are embedded in the culture of their country, claiming an intimate and personal hospitality. Ancient palaces, guest houses, farmhouses, boutique hotels, posadas, quintas, followers of authenticity and hotels are human dimensions (less than 30 rooms) that are perfectly integrated to the landscape. These addresses are distinguished by their key scenic and history, often rich with stories.



    There are no charges for using www.globesecret.com. You book your room directly with us and receive immediate confirmation. By booking online on our secure site, you pay exactly the same price as if you had contacted the hotel directly. Thanks to our special agreements you may also enjoy promotional rates during certain periods.




    You are planning a trip of a lifetime. You need everything to be perfect. You have traveled dozens of websites and travel forums, but you still do not know what is the right route or how to ensure flawless logistics and quality treatment. In general, you are booking your travel yourself, but this time you need someone with local knowledge and carefully selected boutique hotels, rooms with stunning views, the wisest guides, special access to authentic experiences. In brief, you need a skilled expert who will make your trip a memorable one. You agree? You are in the right place. Globe Secret also offers its services for booking your tickets. Access to and negotiated rates more than 500 airlines to over 1000 destinations. According to the same principle, this service is free of charge.

Globe Secret has been created from professional travelers, hospitality and e-business. Globe Secret team guarantee our users a high selection of boutique hotels. Travel agent register n° IM075100403 - Financial guarantee : BPRP - Member of APST - RCP : Hiscox n° HA PRC0055186 - CNIL 1517931.