Faviken Magasinet

Järpen, Sweden

A hunting retreat on the borders of Swedish Lapland, in the middle of nowhere. This is a great Viking offers an original and unique cuisine.

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A meal with him is an almost mystical ritual ...

In the middle of nowhere. The English say " in the middle of nowhere ." Magnus Nilsson is . Like a lumberjack (he has a little look) in the forest . Its restaurant is a rustic old farmhouse which he kept in mind by significantly improving comfort and interior remains , however, marked by wood from floor to ceiling . Skins everywhere, fur hanging , ground floor for the reception and first floor to the restaurant where hams and pork cuts drying in the room hang . Servers have held a bit monastic , music is everywhere as a minimally invasive and chief gives few interviews following the old principle that " my kitchen " speaks for itself . In the same spirit , absolute prohibition of taking pictures during the meal to focus solely and exclusively on the kitchen. Magnus Nilsson therefore imposes rules of purification before ending up in head-to- head with his dishes. Concentration on the taste and not the environment and atmosphere. This great man by the size and talent has been ranked 34th in the ranking of the 50 best restaurants in the British magazine " Restaurant " which makes everyone laugh in France . In Sweden, it is considered a reward. Perhaps this also it is equal ...

In any case, a meal at home is a kind of almost mystical ritual and it still has the uncomfortable feeling that you are not there to laugh . And yet ...

As usual, it is one of those leaders who take poses and can be unbearable but before the dishes everything fades to give way to the man and his talent. Four appetizers : flaxen hair and vinegar chips ( blah ) ; small piece of goat cheese in the little warm milk flavored with lavender , wild trout roe served in a crust of dried pig blood (re blah !) : Fantastic ! lichens fried with garlic cream ( lichen tasteless but beautiful cream gently ) .

Round dishes can begin ...

Jacques scallops cooked on juniper branches : the big Saint- Jacques Norway fished by hand , served here with a very kind iodized juice and sea water in a return to the primitive elements . Impressive. Unfortunately served with a Chablis 2010 too "nature" so too acidic and not cool enough . Cod a slightly moistened with honey and baked wrapped in a large piece of green cabbage oven and flavored with vinegar spruce : gorgeous with this amazing vinegar just whisk lightly bland fish . Mussel nature on a tart wild peas : big, tasty and original . Marrow on toast with herbs accompanied by flowers is pure magic in presentation and taste , subtle and powerful. This dish , in the construction of the meal passed subtly seafood flavors and tastes of fish to meat. Thus the sirloin from a dairy cow "retired " and refined seven months is absolutely beautiful , amazing fat, perfectly cooked and just a little onion fondue not " interfere " meat. Without a doubt, the most beautiful dish . Festival of desserts including a magnificent Ice cream whey , raspberry jam and eggs beaten in truth truly remarkable taste and subtlety alliances can. A great man who did an amazing job on the tastes, flavors, colors , textures, and which differs from Danish "school" with more varieties , more rustic sophistication that preparations does not affect and therefore tastier dishes. A pure masterpiece.

Map of varied and necessarily international wines with good choice especially in Italy and Germany.

Concentrated Service if penetrated by the importance of the issue.

restaurant, excursion.

    225.00 €
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