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Seurasaari, 00250 Helsinki, Finlande

CELEBRATING ST JOHN IN HELSINKI, from 22-06-2018 to 23-06-2018

St. John is the main holiday in Finland. It celebrates the summer solstice is generally finding friends or family in a cottage near the town, relaxing or partying. St. John is often seen as the beginning of the summer heat and the Finns often begin their summer...

Seville, Province de Séville, Espagne

ATTEND THE SEVILLE HOLY WEEK, from 29-03-2019 to 05-04-2019

Holy Week in Seville (Semana Santa) is a passionate celebration of the drama of the last week of Jesus' life on earth. The streets of Seville are filled hooded penitents, intricately carved images of the Virgin Mary and Jesus, flowers, candles and incense...

13 Place du Général de Gaulle, 76000 Rouen, France

THE ARMADA OF ROUEN 2019, from 06-06-2019 to 16-06-2019

In 1983, was born the desire to give Rouen desire to reclaim the waterfront. It was then that the idea of ​​a high concentration of sailboats and made ​​his way in 1985, an association "Les Voiles de la Liberté" is created. Various events are then...

Paris, France

HIDDEN SIDE OF PARIS, from 27-01-2017 to 29-01-2017

During three days of entering the forbidden places in Paris are usually closed to the public, meet the unknown and experiencing new adventures and unique, this will be the programming experience stunning and mysterious event "Paris Hidden Face" proposed...

Calle San Sebastián, San Juan, 00902, Porto Rico

SAN SEBASTIAN STREET FESTIVAL 2019, from 14-01-2019 to 17-01-2019

A carnival atmosphere flooded street San Sebastian in Old San Juan in Porto Rico with rides, food stalls and live music to create an explosive atmosphere of joy Street San Sebastian Film Festival. Look people spinning salsa dancing wearing traditional masks from...

Glasgow, Royaume-Uni

23TH CELTIC'S CONNECTION 2016, from 17-01-2019 to 03-02-2019

It is January in Glasgow, the nights are long and cold. But with a bagpipe here and a nod to Scotch there, darkness springs winter carnival that is the noisy Celtic Connections, a tumultuous assembly of music and musicians from five continents for 18 days of fair...

41-89 Commissioners St, Toronto, ON M5A 1A7, Canada

AMALUNA, from 06-09-2012 to 07-10-2012

Amaluna is the new Cirque du Soleil dedicated to women takes us on a mysterious island ruled by goddesses, a remote area governed by the cycles of the moon. To mark the transition to adulthood of her daughter, Queen Prospero is a ritual ceremony in tribute to...

Quarry St, Saltash, Cornouailles PL12, Royaume-Uni

PORT ELIOT FESTIVAL, from 19-07-2012 to 22-07-2012

The Port Eliot Festival is a small festival with an offbeat mix of music, art, fashion and literature in a beautiful setting beside a river. This is a great option for families. You will find the magic featuring puppet shows, and kids can create their own stories...

Cornbury Park, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire OX7 3EH, Royaume-Uni

WILDERNESS FESTIVAL, from 10-08-2012 to 12-08-2012

A perfect weekend to go see an amateur festival brings together music, food, theater, conferences, and parties late at night, families, welfare and the great outdoors. This year, the poster includes the likes of Rodrigo y Gabriela, Wilco, Spiritualized, Yotam...

48 Wilkie Rd, Singapour

2019 CHINGAY PARADE SINGAPORE , from 20-02-2019 to 28-02-2019

The word Chingay comes from the Hokkien dialect which means "the art of masquerade". Born in 1973, this national holiday began as a neighborhood parade and became a parade playing in a grand parade that showcases the rich culture of multi-ethnic Singapore....

Aomori, Préfecture d'Aomori, Japon

AOMORI NEBUTA FESTIVAL, from 02-08-2018 to 08-08-2018

The construction of the impressive tanks-lanterns festival is well underway, each of immense structures requiring a year of work before being completed. Many theories exist about the origin of Nebuta Festival. One of them would be the submission of the rebels in the...

Grand-Place, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgique

OMMEGANG IN BRUSSELS, from 01-07-2014 to 03-07-2014

Ommegang is the oldest historic festival dating back to 1359 takes place on the impressive Grand Place in Brussels. The festivities held here today are still quite worthy of a king, so gather your group and soak up the splendor of this royal event exceptional....

Theresienhöhe 16, 80339 Munich, Allemagne

2018 BEER FESTIVAL OKTOBERFEST IN MUNICH, from 22-09-2018 to 07-10-2018

In October 1810, the Crown Prince Louis, later King Ludwig I, was celebrating his wedding to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. The festivities, which the citizens of Munich were invited, took place on the meadow which is named "Theresienwiese",...

São João, 4200 Oporto, Portugal

FESTA DE SAO JOAO, from 24-06-2014 to 24-06-2014

Celebrate the summer solstice of Porto and you could receive a rubber hammer on the head. However, do not you take offense, this is part of the festivities. In this day which is the longest of the year, join the locals while they light bonfires and paraded...

Nouvelle Orléans, Louisiane, États-Unis

MARDI GRAS NEW ORLEANS, from 31-01-2019 to 17-02-2019

Mardi Gras is surely one of the biggest celebrations of the jazz capital of the United States with a unique celebration. So you just have to get a mask and a bowl of gumbo and let the music guide you.

Amsterdam, Pays-Bas

AMSTERDAM KING'S DAY 2019, from 27-04-2019 to 27-04-2019

Put on your beautiful orange T-shirt, drink and go to the health of the Queen through the streets of Amsterdam or on the deck of a boat.

Scalloway, Shetland ZE1, Royaume-Uni

SCALLOWAY FIRE FESTIVAL 2019, from 11-01-2019 to 11-01-2019

The Festival of Scalloway is the first Viking festival in Shetland torchlight of the season, culminating in the burning of a Viking ship at sea thereby reviving the tradition of over a thousand years, he resumed the ancient practice of sacrificing Viking. A powerful...

Menton, France

LEMON FESTIVAL OF MENTON, from 17-02-2018 to 04-03-2018

Put a touch of madness in your life and watch the famous Lemon Festival in Menton. This is a unique event in which are organized: parades, exhibitions, and even an orchid festival.

Bala, ON P0C, Canada

THE ANNUAL POW WOW OF WAHTA MOHAWKS, from 15-07-2012 to 20-07-2012

The Wahta Mohawks are a rural community Aboriginal living near Bala in central Ontario, they left Oka in Quebec to settle in Muskoka in 1881. Wahta the powwow is held every year during the season of Thanksgiving. This is a unique event that coincides with the annual...

Ohsweken, ON N0A, Canada

SEE THE GRAND RIVER POW WOW , from 28-07-2012 to 29-07-2012

Many stories exist about the origin of pow-wows. Indigenous peoples of North America has always come together to renew friendships and celebrate through song, dance and stories. Join us for this dazzling show with bright colors representing different tribes and...

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