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Aomori, Préfecture d'Aomori, Japon

AOMORI NEBUTA FESTIVAL, from 01-08-2015 to 09-08-2015

The construction of the impressive tanks-lanterns festival is well underway, each of immense structures requiring a year of work before being completed. Many theories exist about the origin of Nebuta Festival. One of them would be the submission of the rebels in the...

Hiratsuka, Préfecture de Kanagawa, Japon

HIRATSUKA TANABATA FESTIVAL, from 07-07-2015 to 07-07-2015

Also called the star festival, is held every july. The festival celebrates an old Japanese legend: one night each year. Orihime, the emperor of the galaxy's daughter, can meet her lover, whom the emperor had banished to the other side of the Milky Way. People...

2121DESIGNSIGHT, 107-0052, Japon


This exhibition features the collaborative work of Irving Penn and Issey Miyake put together under the direction of Miyake's trusted colleague, Midori Kitamura, who assisted in their collaborative process throughout. Its aim is to provide a unique window on this...


HANAMI - CHERRY BLOSSOMS 2017, from 15-03-2017 to 10-04-2017

Hanami "flower viewing" is the Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the beauty of flowers, especially cherry blossoms. From late March or early April, the sakura come into full bloom throughout Japan. Nowadays, the hanami often boils down to enjoy this...

Okayama, Préfecture d'Okayama, Japon

EYO OR HADAKA MATSURI, from 21-02-2015 to 21-02-2015

This is one of the most original festivals in Japan, where 900 men clad only in loincloths fighting for ownership of sacred sticks of 4 cm in diameter and 20 cm long, the Shingi, launched into the crowd by a priest a window of the sanctuary. Whoever manages to get a...

Soen-Hassamu Dori, 063-0802, Japon

2015 INTERNATIONAL SNOW FESTIVAL IN SAPPORO, from 05-02-2015 to 11-02-2015

Odori Park in the center of the city of Sapporo, is transformed into a museum of snow on 1.5 km. Are pregnant in the Square presents the international competition of statues of snow where a dozen teams from around the world participate each year. The park is open...

Nara, Préfecture de Nara, Japon

ON-MATSURI FESTIVAL, from 15-12-2014 to 18-12-2014

Since the 12th century takes place in Kasuga Shrine, and more specifically Wakamiya-jinja shrine located on its premises, the Festival On-matsuri. It was organized for the first time during an epidemic to pray for the eradication of the scourge and the blessings...

Minamisoma, Préfecture de Fukushima, Japon

SOMA NOMAOI, from 22-07-2012 to 25-07-2012

The region of Soma, is famous for its horse farms. Since 1000 years, a tribute was paid to them through the festival Soma-Nomaoi shrines around Ota and Odaka and sanctuary in the town of Nakamura Soma. This festival has been classified Although intangible Japanese...

Naka Ward, Nagoya, Préfecture d'Aichi, Japon

NAGOYA SUMO TOURNAMENT, from 08-07-2012 to 22-07-2012

A great Sumo tournament in Nagoya for a local and traditional experience.

Asakusa, Taitō, Tokyo, Japon

SANJA MATSURI ASAKUSA, from 15-05-2015 to 17-05-2015

Sanja Matsuri is without doubt the festival that symbolizes Tokyo and one of the three major festivals mikoshi (portable shrines). It takes place in Asakusa, a district of the capital where one can still find traditional houses and streets. Each year, visitors flock...

Ukyo Ward, Kyōto, Préfecture de Kyōto, Japon

MIFUNE MATSURI KYOTO, from 17-05-2015 to 17-05-2015

Twenty sail boats on the river Oigawa, in the district of Arashiyama reproducing a water festival millennium. Every year we see a show full of grace. This event originated in a reception ceremony of the Emperor when he came to visit this place. After a ritual...

Nikkō, Préfecture de Tochigi, Japon

SHUNKI REITAISAI - GREAT SPRING FESTIVAL, from 17-05-2015 to 18-05-2015

The highlight of this festival is the procession called Hyakumono Zoro-Sennin Gyoretsu representing some 1 000 men dressed as samurai warriors in the 18th century. The Nikko Toshogu Shrine, a World Heritage of Unesco, is dedicated to Tokugawa Ieyasu, founder of the...

Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japon

KANDA MATSURI TOKYO, from 16-05-2015 to 17-05-2015

Kanda Matsuri in addition to being one of the most famous festivals in Tokyo is also one of the three biggest festivals in Japan. Under the protection of the shogun during the Edo period (1603-1867), the festival was also called Tenka Matsuri (Tenka meaning shogun)....

Kamigyō-ku, Kyōto, Préfecture de Kyōto, Japon

AOI MATSURI KYOTO, from 15-05-2015 to 15-05-2015

Some 500 people dressed in splendid costumes and makeup old traditional way march through the main streets of Kyoto. Aoi Matsuri festival called this because the leaves of aoi (hollyhock) are used not only as decorative motifs on the costumes, ornaments but also as...

Nagara River

UKAI - CORMORANT FISHING, from 11-05-2015 to 15-10-2015

Ukai is a fishing method to catch small trout with Japanese seabird called u (cormorants) Nagaragawa River, known for its clear water, in the prefecture of Gifu. Master trainers, dressed in ancient costumes, handle between 10 and 12 wild cormorants to catch fish...

Nakatajima Sand Dunes

TAKOAGE GASSEN - KITESURF FIGHTING, from 03-05-2015 to 05-05-2015

Over a hundred kites are launched into the sky above the dunes Nakatajima, one of the three largest sand dunes in Japan, facing the sea Enshunada. Here you can see very large kites of 4 meters by 4 meters. The sound of trumpets, the fighting began. Interlocking...

Fukuoka, Préfecture de Fukuoka, Japon

HAKATA DONKATU FESTIVAL, from 03-05-2015 to 04-05-2015

For the festival Donkatu Hakata, the inhabitants of the city are incredible Hakata v ^ Wear before marching in the streets, slamming into the rhythm of shamoji quadrilles or start in different parts of the city. The shamoji is a kind of wooden spoon used for serving...

Aso Choei Toll Rd, Japon

ASO FIRE FESTIVAL 2014, from 01-03-2015 to 31-03-2015

The fire festival of Aso is held annually during the month of March in the region of Mount Aso, on the island of Kyushu. We practice no-yaki is to say, burning to regenerate pasture grasses. But the main event is the Dai Himonjiyaki, which takes place on the...


KASUGA MATSURI NARA, from 13-03-2015 to 13-03-2015

Kasuga Matsuri festival is one of the three great imperial festivals. Its ritual had begun during the reign of Emperor Montoku (mid-ninth century). An emissary of the Emperor is sent to make offerings to the deity of the place and invite sharing. Many Shinto...

Japon〒630-8587 Préfecture de NaraNara, Zoshicho, 406−1 Tōdai-ji

OMIZUTORI FESTIVAL, from 01-03-2015 to 14-03-2015

For 14 days, the monks of Todaiji temple, famous for its huge Buddha statue, confess their sins before the statue of Kannon with 11 faces being in the building Nigatsu-do and pray for world peace and prosperity of the crops . This ritual, also called the Shuni-e,...

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